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eCommerce the right way

The development of an electronic commerce solution, usually named as eCommerce, goes way beyond a website with a product list, a shopping cart and an order form. An eCommerce solution must be seen as a sales channel with specific features and requires high attention in order to achieve high profitability.

Hexónio eCommerce

Hexónio provides eCommerce solutions that go way beyond the delivery of the software. We help defining the strategy, adjust the processes and optimizing the digital channel for a better return.

General Features
  • Multilingual
  • Product search
  • Items customization
  • Product images with zoom
  • Discount coupons
  • User registration optional
  • Reports
  • Stock management
  • Order tracking
  • Shopping history
  • Product customer evolution
  • Order management
  • Usage help videos
  • Design compatible with mobile devices
  • Hosting service
Payments Shipping
  • General payment integration
  • PayPpal
  • Cash on delivery
  • Banking transfer
  • Integrated workflow with automatic status update
  • Several types of shipping
  • Partial shipping support
  • Shipping tax management
  • Order workflow with customer notification
Digital Marketing
  • SEO service
  • Social network connection
  • Keywork for search engine
  • Website usage report
  • Searches performed report
  • Ad words campaign management

Selling int the Digital World

The usage of the internet as a business selling channel requires the same attention as any other selling channel. It's alignment and integration with the organization strategy is indispensable. Thus, the daily operation of the electronic store must be perfectly defined with all the organization policies, discounts, promotions, advertisement, stock management, post-sales support, customer support, warranty, sales reporting, and all that's related with the selling of goods.

Hexónio has knowledge about rolling out an internet sales solution, for retail and for custom goals, even when integrated with core systems, such as CRM

Hexónio provides eCommerce solutions that hold a set of functionalities that allow to adapt the store to the business needs. We highlight the multilingual support, customization of products, distinct payment types, customized shipping, order workflow, order status change with customer notification, shopping history, stock management and control, sales report, connection with the main social networks, SEO, discount coupons, sales and promotions.

An eCommerce solution must be a high profitable sales channels, and thus with high impact in the organization business. The high profitability, the low costs, and the internationalization related with this type of solution allow the organization to get the most out of the globalization, since this is a non-stop world wide sales channel.

To reach this goal, our work goes way beyond the simple technical component of the eCommerce solution. We can help in numerous ways, such as in SEO, indispensable for the store to be found in in a search engine search, gaining traction as fast as possible, and in the analysis and understanding of the store visitors, how do they get there, where do they come from, what do they look for.


Hexónio Consulting is used to developing plugins for the open source platform Virtuelmart 2 and 3, allowing different payment methods on this eCommerce solution. This creates a well known and convenient environment for its customers, lowering the shopping barrier and thus enhancing the shopping experience.

Hexónio knows about eCommerce

No project is too small or too ambitious. We've helped several organizations to roll out their electronic sales channel, and always with success.

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