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Customer relationship management focused on business

The best way to manage the organization relationship with its costumers includes the usage of technology that allows to gather, organize, automate and synchronize information in order to be used by all areas, such as marketing, sales or customer support.

Hexónio Customer Relationship Management

Hexónio Consulting provides a custom CRM service adapted to the real organization needs, putting the customer at the core of the business processes, understanding the customer needs and endowing the organization with a fast and efficient answer.

  • Lead conversion rate increase
  • Retention rate maximization
  • Full knowledge of customers history
  • More and better selling opportunities
  • Better decision making
  • More rigorous planing, management and control
  • Productivity maximization
  • Centralized and aggregated organization knowledge
  • Information controlled access to all organization
  • Support to business decisions
  • Data exploration with different views and granulatiry
CRM Presentation
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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Focus

The organizations that fully know their customers, what they need, how they behave, what they desire, and their consumption profile, can create custom proposals aligned with the customer needs and wishes. Strategically, the customer focus results in bigger business sales, a closer and personalized relationship which increases the market organization reputation and customer loyalty.

To reach this goal all processes are centered on the customer and disseminated across the organization. All departments use the available information and, simultaneously, contribute to enrich it. The entire organization will benefit with this personalized customer communication, from marketing new products, sales prospects and leads, up to customer support.


The adoption of a CRM system does increase the customer management productivity. In fact, the process automation, project control and associated tasks, alerts, metrics, reports and calendar allow an organization to improve its productivity.

The usage of a CRM allows the management of each area from the organization to plan, manage and control the teams with a higher accuracy. The metrics and execution reports regarding the goals are custom and provide a real time view.

Personal Data and CRM

CRM is the main system for personal data gathering and processing. This forces the CRM to be extra careful when it comes to compliance with the EU personal data protection, GDPR.

Social Networks and CRM

The social networks aren't just a communication or expression way. They are a precious information source for organizations and a privileged interaction channel towards their customers and prospects. Thus, a CRM solution should embrace the social component on its strategy.

Hexónio provides CRM solutions

Hexónio know how to implement custom CRM solutions in medium and big organizations.

Does your company needs to optimize the customer relationship? Convert leads and prospected in sales? Keep your current customers loyal? Get in touch.